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At Providence Daycare Centre, we value the diverse, racial, ethno cultural background of the community, families, staff, volunteers and visitors of the centre. As a result, we will provide appropriate play experience that contribute to the emotional, social, physical and cognitive development of the child, free from cultural, gender, religious and ethnic bias, with the ultimate goal to develop and enhance self-esteem and positive social skills. We are committed to helping the whole child develop and reach their potential. Our mission is to provide opportunities for interaction with other children conducive to the development of healthy social experiences and also, to provide experiences that contribute to self esteem and developmental needs of the child.


All children are special and each has his/her own personality, strengths and needs and learning styles. It is our responsibility to tap into how a particular child learns, and develop strategies to help the child master all basic skills. Our program provides opportunities to experience and stimulate each child emotionally, socially and cognitively. The children will learn and develop in a safe happy and comfortable atmosphere. We provide opportunities for the children to manipulate and explore a variety of media in art, music, science, math, language, dramatic play, and large and small muscle activities throughout the day and is designed based on the interest of the children. Our program will foster independence, self esteem and problem solving skills. Our curriculum will provide opportunity for choice and decision making within the framework that respects each child's developmental abilities.


At Providence Daycare Centre we promise:

  • Children come first in any decisions relating to the running of the childcare centre.
  • To establish, maintain and conduct the highest quality licensed childcare centre and the education, care and guidance of children.
  • We promise to continually strive to improve the learning and working environment for all participating children, families and staff.
  • To provide your child with activities to enhance all areas of their development so that he/she will have a good solid educational base to start school with.
  • To provide a clean, safe place for your child to grow emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively.
  • Never at any time take your child for granted.

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